Friday, 30 November 2012

NComputing and C-DAC deliver affordable high performance computer labs to 2622 schools in Haryana

NComputing, the world leader in end-to-end virtual desktop solutions and providers of affordable desktop computing solutions, announced the successful implementation of high-performance and green computer labs in 2622 government schools of Haryana as part of the Haryana government’s major education initiative called the ‘ICT in Education’ project.

Powered by NComputing’s cost effective and high performance computing technology, and pre-loaded with C-DAC’s (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) EduBOSS operating system, 58,500 workstations have been successfully implemented across 2622 government schools of the state. EduBOSS, C-DAC’s free and open source operating system, has also contributed to bring down the overall cost of implementation significantly.

The initiative, which is aimed to introduce each and every student of the state to the world of computing, will benefit over 1 million government school students across all districts of the state.

NComputing is gradually becoming the most preferred and trusted technology for various state governments in India to expand the reach and influence of ICT in Education. Apart from Haryana, NComputing’s cost effective shared computing technology is already providing desktop computing access to millions of school children through major state education projects in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

For its ‘ICT in Education’ project, which is one of the major computer education initiatives currently underway in the state, the Haryana government was looking for a cost-effective solution that would require low maintenance and consumed less energy. After a careful evaluation, NComputing was selected as it provides path-breaking and revolutionary desktop virtualization solution that requires 75% less maintenance and saves upto 90% energy by using 1 watt of electricity as compared to the traditional PC that consumes 120-150 watts. By opting for NComputing’s eco-friendly and energy-efficient technology, the state government has also expressed its commitment towards keeping the state Green.

Mr. Jagjit S Bhatia, Executive Director, C-DAC, said, "India holds a strong position in the world knowledge economy today because of the country's investment in education over the years. To maintain this edge, widespread and affordable access to computer skills is critical. At C-DAC, we have to be 100% in alignment with the country's priorities; hence, our commitment to enabling affordable access to computing for education. Along with NComputing, this is an ideal solution to provide affordable computing access.”

Each of the 2622 schools has a 22 seat computing lab comprising 20 NComputing’s X550 virtual desktops, two desktop PC’s, one UPS, and two printers. Each system runs C-DAC’s EduBOSS (a customised version of BOSS Linux for school education), pre-loaded with various educational applications, which are being used to teach computer skills and facilitate and enrich learning of various subjects.

Mr. Manish Sharma, Vice President, APAC, NComputing, said, “We are privileged to be selected by the Haryana government, and associated with C-DAC, for this prestigious project that will equip the next generation of Haryana’s workforce to be globally competitive. Our products and technology are ideal to overcome challenges related to infrastructure and limited power supply.”

NComputing’s award winning and patented technology has been built to make computing affordable, enable the optimal use of computing resources and reduce e-waste. Today’s PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of students only use a small fraction (approx. 10%) of the computer’s capacity. The rest of it is wasted. NComputing desktop virtualization solution taps into this unused capacity so that it can be simultaneously used by many students. Each student connects his/her own monitor, keyboard and mouse to an NComputing device, which is then connected to the shared PC. With NComputing’s innovative desktop virtualization technology, each student gets access to the full PC experience. Apart from Haryana, over 7 lakh NComputing virtual desktops have already been deployed in India which includes major state educational projects in states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, and also in many private educational institutions throughout India.

About C-DAC

C-DAC as a premier initiative of the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MC&IT), Government of India, embodies the national spirit of indigenous high-end research and development for state-of the-art technologies and solutions. In order to compete with contemporary IT Sectors and to bridge digital divide in Indian society, C-DAC has congregated its endemic human & technical resources towards the design, development & deployment of electronics & IT Products and Solutions. The core technology areas of C-DAC include High Performance Computing and Grid Computing; Multilingual and Heritage Computing; Professional Electronics encompassing VLSI, Embedded and Real Time Systems, Control Systems, Broadband and Wireless Systems, Strategic Electronics, Power Electronics, Agri-Electronics; Software Technologies including FOSS, e-governance solutions and ICT for Development solutions; Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics; Health Informatics and Ubiquitous Computing.

About NComputing Inc.

NComputing, Inc., the global leader in virtual desktop computing, was founded with the goal of making desktop computing affordable for everyone, and is redefining the economics of desktop computing. NComputing is the fastest growing desktop virtualization company with 4 million access devices deployed in 140 countries. The company's award-winning, patented technology lowers desktop computing costs, improves manageability, and reduces both energy consumption and e-waste. It is the perfect solution for leveraging the power and potential of PCs and cloud computing. To learn more about NComputing, visit

SIPSS-GLOBAL'S engagement with NComputing as one of the Largest authorized re-seller in south India, Click below image to schedule a demo through us.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Importance of Collaborative Learning

Our "Global Technology Conclave" drive to empower the educators to discover the most efficient IT solutions to improve the Learning experience is getting widely appreciated by many educators in the southern part of Indian sub continent, Join us to Leap ahead in inspiring the next generation, Please click on the above image to download the Whitepaper to understand about the importance of Collaborative Learning...

Friday, 23 November 2012

Global Technology Conclave at Mangalore - Updates

22 November 2012

“GLOBAL Technology Conclave – Journey to discover the most efficient IT Solutions to improve the Learning Experience” organized by SIPSS GLOBAL at THE CATHOLIC BOARD OF EDUCATION Mangalore  is blessed with the presence of the hon’ble chief guest Rev. Fr. Wilson V. D’Souza. Secretary, Catholic board of Education Mangalore, Principals, Deans, Head of the institutions & Computer In-charges of different schools and colleges of around 150 Persons were traveled far to share experience and to engage with each other and certainly made this conclave fruitful and productive. 

The following Technology Leaders showcased their innovative solutions, 

  •     NComputing
  •     Sprout ON Web (Paatshala)
  •     Vigyan Labs Innovations
  •     Inttelix Security Solutions
  •     ELMO Global & COMM-Singapore

The Conclave purely enabled a great platform to discuss on the Quality needs to improve education in order to prosper, because a country needs a great Higher education system. Hon’ble chief guest Rev. Fr. Wilson V. D’Souza. Secretary, Catholic board of Education Mangalore officially Inaugurated the conclave.

Event Coverage as below

Mr. Shanoj P & Mr. Surya Kumar H.S. (SIPSS-GLOBAL) Welcoming Hon’ble chief guest Rev. Fr. Wilson V. D’Souza. Secretary, Catholic board of Education Mangalore.

Mr. Surya Kumar H.S (SIPSS-GLOBAL) welcoming Mr. Santhosh A (Channel Manager - Karnataka of NComputing)

Mr. Surya Kumar H.S (SIPSS-GLOBAL) welcoming Mr. Shivakumar (Business Head - Indian Operations of Sprout On Web)
Mr. Surya Kumar H.S (SIPSS-GLOBAL) welcoming Mr. Abiv John (Director - Marketing of Vigyan Labs Innovations )

Mr. Surya Kumar H.S (SIPSS-GLOBAL) welcoming Mr. Srinivasan G (Regional Sales Manager - of Inttelix Security Solutions)
Mr. Achyut A Kulkarni (SIPSS-GLOBAL) from his welcome speech

Getting ready to inaugurate the conclave

Rev. Fr. Wilson V. D’Souza. Secretary, Catholic board of Education Mangalore is inaugurating the Conclave, (From Right) Mr. Achyut Kulkarni (SIPSS-GLOBAL), Mr. Surya Kumar H S (SIPSS-GLOBAL), Mr. Srinivasan (Inttelix Security Solutions), Mr. Santhosh (NComputing), Mr. Shivakumar (Sprout On Web), Mr. Abiv John (Vigyan Lab Innovations).

Mr. Surya Kumar H.S (Director- SIPSS-GLOBAL) 

Mr. Srinivasan G (Regional Sales Manager - Inttelix Software Solutions)

Mr. Santhosh A (Channel Manager - Karnataka of NComputing) 
Mr. Shivakumar (Business Head - Indian Operations of Sprout On Web)

Mr. Surya Kumar H.S (Director - SIPSS-GLOBAL is addressing on About SIPSS-GLOBAL) His speech summary as follow...
"SIPSS GLOBAL – A Global Technology Provider in south India clearly focus to improve the reach with right technology and solutions backed with a non- compromised service delivery, Focus of improving the ”value” delivery than the product and solution, helps us to retain our customers with High Rating. We always behaved like an extended IT Team for their business. Our company is always engaged in a search of innovative IT Solutions, we are here today to showcase such great innovations, we have already successfully delivered and maintained in various institutions across the country, their feedbacks are really inspiring us to serve more
We believe our Technology Conclave will empower / inspire you to discover the most efficient IT Solutions to improve the learning experience. 
Understanding customer business challenges and driving our support delivery Team to meet the customer expectation and beyond, always made us to enjoy and cherish the relationships. I take this opportunity to welcome you all again to discover the latest IT Solutions to empower & bring out the best innovation out of you… " 

Rev. Fr. Wilson V. D’Souza. Secretary, Catholic board of Education Mangalore - Inaugural speech

               Event registration Team (Mr. Mahesh P K (Right) and Mr. Shanoj of SIPSS-GLOBAL)

Mr. Shivakumar (Business Head - Indian Operations of Sprout On Web) Showcasing the  First Town Hall session on Education e-Management. Described the Challenges faced by the Indian Schools and how Sprout On Web and SIPSS-GLOBAL together can enable the rejuvenation to the Existing System.

Mr. Shivakumar Winding up his Town hall- Great Responses from the Audience- A great Start of the conclave !!!!

Mr. Abiv John (Director - Marketing of Vigyan Labs Innovations ) - Town hall on IPMPlus (Intelligent Green Solution to power management) showcasing the importance of efficient power management by describing the importance of Energy Saving with the evident help of Gartner & Forrester survey reports. And made the participants to discover the invisible losses and how IPMPlus can improve the power saving and efficiency  with a proper and disciplined IT Deployment.

Mr. Shivakumar ( Sprout On Web) & C K Sreegith (SIPSS-GLOBAL)

Mr. Shivakumar of Inttelix - Town hall Session on Bio-metric, Specially Facial Bio-metric, GPS & Office 365 Solutions from Microsoft.

Mr. Murali of COMM Products Technologies Pte Ltd. from his Town Hall session, Explaining AVSI Solutions from COMM.

Mr. Sarat Chandra Prasad (South Head – NComputing), Addressing the town Hall session- Most awaited session for the audience, Mr Sarat Got inspired from the Audience response and had a truly interactive Town Hall session (See the following snaps from his session)

Vote of Thanks By Mrs. Precilla D'souza (Principal of St. Aloysius English Medium School - URWA)

Snaps from the Valedictory Function Mrs. Precilla D'souza (Principal of St. Aloysius English Medium School - URWA) From Left  Rev. Fr. Wilson V. D’Souza. Secretary, Catholic board of Education Mangalore, Mr. Sarat Chandra Prasad (South Head – NComputing), Mr. Srinivasan G (Regional Sales Manager - Inttelix Software Solutions), Mr. Abiv John (Director - Marketing of Vigyan Labs Innovations), Mr. C K Sreegith (Manager - Operations SIPSS-GLOBAL) & Mr. Colin S Furtado (Leads - Specialist SIPSS-GLOBAL)

Persons Behind the Conclave  Mr. Colin S Furtado (Leads - Specialist SIPSS-GLOBAL) in Center & Mr. C K Sreegith (Manager - Operations SIPSS-GLOBAL) second from Left side,With Rev. Fr. Wilson V. D’Souza. Secretary, Catholic board of Education Mangalore, Mr. Abiv John (Director - Marketing of Vigyan Labs Innovations) in Left side & Mr. Murali of COMM Products Technologies Pte Ltd (Right)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Global Technology Conclave at Mangalore

THE CATHOLIC BOARD OF EDUCATION Mangalore is getting ready to HOST one among the premium Information Technology Conclave at their premises on 22nd November 2012. One Day Technology Seminar conducted by SIPSS-GLOBAL (One among the Largest IT System Integrator in South India) targeting to improve the reach of right technology to the educators to empower them to address the future generation with right technology aids to accelerate the Learning experience.

"Global Technology providers Such as NComputing, ELMO- GLOBAL, SproutOnWeb, Vigyan Labs Innovations, Inttelix Security Solutions, Tidaladata etc will be showcasing their innovative and most efficient Technology and solutions focused to improve the Indian Education System during this conclave"

Approximate 200 Principals / Deans of different Colleges / Schools across Mangalore -DK, Uduppi & Kasargud Districts will be participating this event under the umbrella of Catholic Board. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Leap Ahead with SproutOnWeb’s School Information System Solution

New age Learning experience can be enhanced and improved and get ahead with improved results with the help of proper feedback and involvement with all the key stakeholders of education system. Innovative technology from SproutOnWeb will empower the educators to improve the total efficiency and teaching/learning experience.

SproutOnWeb can help you prepare for the next leap in online education collaboration helping every member of education eco-system.

Sustainability of quality education and access to it need a multi-stakeholder approach that include collaboration between education leaders, teachers, parents, private sector investments, and innovative companies to address many of the needs at individual student level.  Technology today has the potential to increase access to education as well as improve teacher training and student learning.