Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Discover How Healthcare professionals Deliver Better Patient Care - Avaya Collaboration Suit

Improve Patient Care

Focused on the entire lifecycle of patient care, Avaya Healthcare Solutions improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and increase patient satisfaction by removing barriers that hold up hospital clinical processes. Avaya solutions help over 5500 healthcare organizations combine communications, collaboration, mobility, and workflow automation to simplify and automate patient care processes from prevention to treatment to post discharge follow up and home care. This results in an improved patient experience, clinical tasks management, and reduced costs.
In addition to solutions to enhance patient care, Avaya offers innovative administration, operations, and marketing solutions designed to make healthcare organizations more responsive and efficient. The solutions help improve profitability while achieving or maintaining regulatory compliance.
Avaya offers solutions for the following Patient Care Cycles:
  • Prevention
  • Pre-Admission
  • Treatment/Care
  • Discharge Transition of Care
  • Post Discharge Follow-up/Home Care

Communications Foundation for 21st Century Schools

Next Generation Connected Campus

Improving productivity, enabling exceptional customer service and enhancing campus safety.

Focused on enabling educational institutions to improve student achievement and outcomes, Avaya solutions for Education help transform and improve the campus experience. Avaya helps schools and institutions realize the next-generation campusone that is more mobile and digitally connected than today's standard. This means helping schools expand online and distance-learning opportunities and enhance the productivity of teachers, faculty and staff. They also enable exceptional customer service to address the growing demands from students, faculty, and parents and they provide capabilities to enhance campus safety.

As a trusted partner to over 5,000 educational institutions globally, Avaya supports educational clients in seamlessly converging and consolidating voice, data and video networks to facilitate a more mobile and connected campus. The advanced features of such networks combined with Avaya next-generation collaboration solutions underpin these clients' academic and administrative activities to drive student achievement.
Avaya solutions for education:
  • Expand online and distance learning opportunities
  • Enhance faculty and staff collaboration and productivity
  • Enable mobile learning
  • Enhance campus safety
  • Enable “Always-On” learning
  • Streamline customer and student services

Avaya Hospitality Solutions - Empowering the Next Gen Hospitality Experience

Visit the Hotel of the Future

The hospitality industry has faced many challenges, including a global recession, a credit crisis, natural disasters, pandemics, and terrorist attacks. But now, the industry is recovering. Global room supply is growing, occupancy rates are recovering, and average daily rates are catching up.

While looking for ways to save as well as grow, Avaya hospitality communications solutions help enable business strategies:
  • Get customer attention, starting at first contact, by improving call routing to the best resources.
  • Boost productivity by providing mobile communications to your staff.
  • Differentiate your guest experience by offering advanced, yet easy to use communications options. 
Avaya offers a portfolio of Hospitality Solutions designed for luxury hotels, limited service hotels, and anything in between.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Video Surveillance Remote View - Google Chrome Configuration user Manual

Click on the Above image to download the user Manual to configure the Remote video Surveillance view on Google Chrome for CP-Plus / Dahua DVRs Supplied by SIPSS-GLOBAL

Monday, 18 March 2013

vSpace™ Server v7.0 for Windows Virtualization Software is Now Available.

 NComputing: Newsflash 
 vSpace™ Server v7.0 for Windows Virtualization Software is Now Available.  
NComputing Announces General Availability of Latest Enhancements to Integrated, End-to-End, vSpace Virtualization Platform
“NComputing continues to grow its global footprint. The promise of desktop virtualization has yet to be fully realized, and NComputing is well positioned as an alternative to costly and complex approaches to VDI and other initiatives. Its end-to-end, integrated approach can deliver greater economic benefits where the applications and use cases do not require a VDI model – NComputing is easier to set up and to maintain, and its platform is showing success in early implementations.” Raj Dhingra, CEO of NComputing
The vSpace Desktop and Application virtualization platform is designed for simplified manageability, increased scalability, a rich user experience, and cost-optimized to maximize IT budgets and technology investments. The newest enhancements to the vSpace virtualization platform products include:
NEW Version – vSpace™ Server 7.0 for Windows: Deployed by over 50,000 customers and used daily by over 20 million users, vSpace Server is NComputing’s virtualization software that resides on either a stand-alone PC or a server or within a virtual machine hosted in a datacenter that enables IT to centralize and virtualize end user access and management of computing resources for desktops and applications. This latest release adds many new features, including the ability to manage multiple vSpace Server environments from a single vSpace Management Center interface. This release also enables a richer user experience by incorporating significant performance improvements for USB-based peripherals as well as support for isochronous devices such as web-cams. Also included in this release is the ability to directly access and manage secure smart cards being used in conjunction with NComputing L-series and M-series thin client devices connected to vSpace Server 7.0 powered virtualization environments.
vSpace Server Requirements: For multi-user applications, vSpace Server v7.0 can be installed on any computer running Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 or Windows MultiPoint Server 2011.  For single-user applications, it can be installed on Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit). Concurrent licenses are required for every concurrent vSpace Client virtual desktop session on each vSpace Sever instance. ( see OS Support Matrix for latest vSpace Server OS support).
vSpace Client Requirements: vSpace Client software can be installed on any computer running Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit), and Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
NEW Offering - vSpace™ Management Center 3.2.1: For organizations deploying NComputing Thin Client devices connected to vSpace Server 7.0, vSpace Management Center provides a highly scalable, flexible and easy to use single point of device management. A web-based console lets IT administrators manage L300 and M300 devices and vSpace Server 7.0 instances from anywhere, anytime, reducing the overhead needed to maintain and control an environment, regardless of the size or number of deployment sites.
Quick Note:  vSpace Client ONLY connects to vSpace Server for the L-series and M-series and cannot connect to X-series hosts
NEW Offerings – vSpace™ Standard and Premium Software Support and Subscription Programs: Extending the basic one year support included in all NComputing products; new Standard and Premium support programs are now available for vSpace Server and vSpace Management Center. Each of the new packages offer enhanced levels of access to software upgrades and NComputing support. The Standard Support package provides access to software upgrades and unlimited email or phone support during local business hours. For customers with complex environments or who need NComputing support always on hand, the Premium Support package delivers regular software upgrades, enhanced response times, and access to NComputing support 24x7x 365.
vSpace™ Server version 7.0 is available immediately from the NComputing Software Download Center. Customers may download and install the vSpace Client software on any number of devices, paying only for access to the virtualization server. vSpace Client concurrent access licenses are available from the NComputing Online Store and channel partners in North America, EMEA, APAC and LATAM.
Learn more:  Read the Press Release.

Simple.  Powerful.  Affordable.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Customer Portal - An Enhanced Tool For improving the Customer interactions / Satisfaction

SIPSS-GLOBAL, Introducing Customer Portal for improving its interactions, and total Customer experience with us. Customers can get interacted with the right coordinates through this portal, able to express their experience feedback, complaints etc. Customer Satisfaction / Quality Assurance Cell of SIPSS-GLOBAL at HO will monitor this and take the necessary actions immediately.

We wish all our customers and partners will make use of the Portal very effectively

Monday, 11 March 2013

WHITE PAPER – Thinking Outside of the Networking Box

 Wireless Networking: Growing Your Business By Thinking Outside the Box

The ability to access data and content from the Internet from anywhere at any time from a growing array of wireless devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones is quickly becoming a critical requirement in the government and business sectors. Providing wireless Internet connectivity using traditional deployments of outdoor access points to bridge the network between buildings or provide wireless access to a large open area is commonplace, but the inherent limitations of these infrastructures makes the traditional deployments less-than-ideal for some of the more unique issues that many resellers encounter.
With devices like tablets increasingly replacing laptop computers as the mobile productivity device of choice in a number of industries, the creative deployment of wireless access points and bridges can provide Internet access to locations not normally supported resulting in enhanced productivity and even helping to save lives. Using EnGenius’ wireless networking solutions, resellers and solution providers are creating niches by creating innovative solutions to provide Internet connectivity in less-than-ideal environments.
Key to the implementation of these, and many other, interesting deployments are the versatility of the products combined with an attractive price-to-performance ratio that enables resellers and system integrators to think outside of the box and create niches for themselves that help them to differentiate themselves from the competition and enabling them to grow their businesses despite a tough economy.  Read More.......

Friday, 8 March 2013

Video Surveillance Remote View - iPhone-iPAD Configuration user Manual

Click on the above image to download the User Manual to configure the Remote video Surveillance view on iPhone / iPad - For all CP-Plus & Dahua DVRs Supplied by SIPSS-GLOBAL

Thursday, 7 March 2013

CP PLUS: Towards the Extra Mile of Security

CP PLUS GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Germany is a world leader in electronic security surveillance products. CP PLUS has emerged as the world’s most preferred Electronic security brand and has been awarded stature of India’s No.1 Security Brand – as per IMS Research report on video surveillance market in India. The engineers at ‘TeknoLogix Lab’, located in Taipei, known as the centre of innovation in security technology over the world, with years of precision, dedication and hard work have innovated cutting-edge, user-friendly technology. This ‘think tank’ of CP PLUS has inaugurated an avid range of immensely credible, reliable and cost effective products. Today in over 50 countries around the world, security experts rely on CP PLUS to complement the service they provide to their clients.

The vast ranges of CCTV Cameras of CP PLUS are celebrated over the globe for its impeccable technology and performance. CP PLUS offers latest Special Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders like Mobile Digital Video Recorders, Compression Cards and IP cameras. Cp plus maintain best-in-class pre-sales and pro-sales services to keep its customers satisfied. It also offer services with customized features and provide professional security and surveillance system solutions to meet various customer demands.

The company has achieved several milestones and never misses to make it to the headlines. The team proudly announced CP PLUS InstaOn, an absolute free (Dynamic Domain Name System) DDNS Service, for the first time developed by CP PLUS TeknoLogix Lab, enabling end-customers to simply follow few steps in DVR to view and control your surveillance system from anywhere without any cost.

CP PLUS, The World's Preferred Electronic Security Equipment..! SIPSS-GLOBAL The Largest Security System Integrator in South India holds the largest Value Added Re seller / Service Provider for CP PLUS in this zone. Get explored and connected with them by following the below ink.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

India’s largest healthcare organization economically improves service to millions with 31,000 virtual desktops

The Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is chartered by the Indian government to deliver insurance and healthcare benefits to over 20 million private- and public-sector employees. ESIC provides these services through over 2,000 facilities that include hospitals, dispensaries, and branch offices across India. ESIC’s IT systems were outdated and could not provide high-quality service to its stakeholders.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Leading Indian education system outfits over 1,000 learning centers with low-cost NComputing virtual desktops

Maharashtra is India’s second largest state and includes the city of Mumbai—India’s commercial capital. In order to ensure that its workforce is ready for the modern work place, the state government established the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) to provide adults with essential IT and computing skills. The MKCL fulfills its mission through a large network of learning centers across the state. The learning centers are operated by small and mid-sized IT enterprises