Friday, 30 May 2014

CP PLUS TeknoLogix Labs introduces QUADRA Technology

CP PLUS TeknoLogix Labs launches QUADRA, a path-breaking technology, commits to advance the performance of analog cameras, hence breaking the barriers of analog solutions to deliver robust and quality performance in any environment and lighting conditions. The QUADRA technology is now in-built in the entire range of CP PLUS analog cameras, the technology comprises features such as Extra Wide Voltage Range, powerful surge protection, BrightView Image, Heatless Design and Anti IR reflect front glass.

Extra Wide Voltage Range
Each camera offers a functional voltage range, for example, from 6 to 24 V. The Shorter cable length installations allow the lowest voltage draw. This wide voltage range ensures the cameras stay active through power fluctuations that may shut other cameras with different voltage range down. The other advantage offered is the ability of the camera to work safely with a faulty input power supply with variable voltages.
Powerful Surge Protection
Surge protection feature defines the ability of an electronic device to safely work under electrical surges. The surges are prevalent in cases of short circuits and lightening.
BrightView Image
BrightView feature enables the camera to produce crisp and clear images. The camera maintains the image quality even in noisy and extreme lighting conditions- both dark and bright.
Heatless Design
The Camera with heatless design feature operates without getting heated up till a defined temperature. The surface behaves as an insulator till that temperature. Once the temperature of the camera material crosses the temperature limit, the surface behaves like a conductor and starts radiating the heat. The camera material effectively conceals its temperature.
Anti IR reflect front glass
This feature improves light transmission by 90% with Anti IR reflection front glass. Anti IR coating reduces the brightness and sharpness to achieve remarkable improvement in the image quality. A thin layer of dielectric material causes the out of phase reflected waves from the anti-reflection coating and glass surface resulting in zero net reflected energy.
In South India, SIPSS GLOBAL INDIA PVT Ltd. is the major value added re-seller of CP PLUS GMBH & Co. KG, Germany for their brand CP PLUS. AIL has been aggressively distributing and marketing entire range of CP PLUS surveillance Cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), VDP, Time & Attendance, Intelligent Home Automations and allied accessories in India.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


CP PLUS CORAL-HDCVI Technology widely acclaimed by the Industry

Most of the system integrators/customers face challenges in providing high quality images in analog solution that often impact quality of integration and performance of the surveillance solution.
Coral_HDCVI_logo | CP Plus | SIPSS GLOBAL
Considering such challenges, HDCVI technology is recently introduced in CP PLUS CORAL series of analog CCTV cameras and Digital Video Recorders, with an aim to equip the analog solution to deliver long distance high definition video under conventional co-axial cabling environment at an affordable value.
CP PLUS created demo zone of CORAL series with HDCVI technology at the World’s leading security and safety exhibition, SECUTECH (Mumbai), wherein channel community, system integrators and industry leaders widely acclaimed the technology and received funtabulous response as expressed:-
Mr. Hari Prasad Sharma from Prasad Communications stated, “Most of our customers demand for analog based high quality videos at an affordable cost. Such challenges had created hindrance in providing adequate solution to them. However, when we got introduced with CORAL – HDCVI technology, we were assured that this technology will cross all the barriers of analog technology and will set a benchmark in the surveillance industry.  Now, we provide HDCVI technology based surveillance solution to our customers that can just not only detect but also capture minute details of any incident”.
Mr. Lalit from Maha Ratan Jewelry expressed, “I run a jewelry shop in Delhi. Due to space constraint, it was difficult to set-up monitoring system inside the shop, hence I decided to have it at my home, located nearby my shop, so that I can do monitoring of the shop from my home anytime. In addition to monitoring visitors/staff inside the shop, I wanted to keep surveillance on the moving crowd, around the shop. Due to distance between shop and home, setting up cabling was the hindrance for the system integrator. However, the CORAL series with HDCVI technology brings solution to us as it has an up to 500m reliable HD video transmission long distance without any disturbance which cannot be delivered by any existing technology. In addition, I also got high definition surveillance at an affordable cost”.
CP PLUS is built around its customers we serve, with a foundation based on innovation, responsiveness and trust. Considering today’s challenges, the HDCVI technology has been introduced in our CORAL series of analog CCTV cameras and Digital Video Recorders, equipping our system integrators/channel partners to provide quality of solutions. Today, the highest available resolution in analog is 960H, HDCVI offers High Definition video quality in existing analog infrastructure” expressed, W.E. WROLDSEN, Managing Director, CP PLUS GmbH & Co. KG.
Mr. Santosh from MAX Solutions stated, we are thankful to CP PLUS for introducing CORAL series with HDCVI technology. Most of our customers avoid to install IP solution due to its higher cost. However, HDCVI is a revolutionary technology in surveillance industry and has actually taken analog surveillance to the next level. I recently installed 250 HDCVI cameras and 50 DVRs in three critical sites”
Mr. Yogesh B. Dutta, Sr. Vice President at Aditya Infotech Ltd stated, “Indian customer is always discerning buyer and demand for value for money solutions. We endeavor to understand challenges and pain areas of our channel partners/system integrator. With technology like HDCVI, we are committed to provide qualitative solutions to them in order to improve their quality of integration projects”.